Making More Space, an Arts Admin event
A Gathering about site-based learning. The Conversation Agency were invited to run a reflective session.

The Oasis Social Club, a touring Arts Admin project
The Oasis Social Club is a spectacular large scale mobile structure for performance and debate, created by Becca Davies. On its year long tour in 2014 it appeared in Stoke on Trent, Preston and Hull. Each venue saw the formation of a local committee, programming of a 3 day residency and the writing of a manifesto for the town. The Conversation agency ran conversation events in the social club that fed into the manifesto of what people wanted for their town/area. More recently things have got more exciting and Becca was invited back to Stoke to open the Portland Inn & we held an event where locals – young and old, plus artists, & councillors explored & imagined what the space could be. For details see the “project facebook page”:

Philosopher in Residence, Turner Contemporary Gallery, Margate:
Co-authored contribution to a chapter in the recently published Visitor Centered Exhibitions and Edu-Curation in Art Museums
Arts inspiring Change Child-led project running until 2017
Agency and Intention. A dialogue held around a moving robot to focus on the themes of agency and intention to form part of the lead up to a major exhibition on TS Eliot’s The Waste Land, taking place in 2018.

Creative Scene, North Kirklees November 2014 (part of the Creative People & Places network)
Running a World Cafe with the new group of Scene Makers to kick-start their ideas for creating the 3 year arts programme.

Turner Contemporary Gallery, Margate:

Prosper Experiment 2012-13 ‘Copper, Aluminium, Red and Green’
In collaboration with Turner Contemporary, University of Kent and Cognitive Media, we took steps to visualising ideas from a philosophical dialogue inspired by one of Carl Andre’s quotes :
“The periodic table of elements is for me what the color spectrum is for a painter. My ambition as an artist is to be the “Turner of Matter”. As Turner severed color from depiction, I attempt to sever matter from depiction. Copper is more profoundly different from aluminium than green is from red.” Sutinen, ‘Carl Andre: The Turner of Matter’, 9. A mix of scientists and artists were invited to participate for the dialogue.
For the 2011 opening, working with 15 adult ‘Navigators’ plus a rolling annual programme of ‘Youth Navigators’ we have introduced philosophical inquiry into encounters with the visitors & artworks in this exciting gallery on Margate’s seafront.

La Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid
An introductory inquiry tour interacting with the artworks on the top floor of the Reine Sofia Museum, Madrid. The aim was to engage the new students with an exciting resource in the city whilst establishing a spirit of inquiry for the year ahead.

Creative Partnerships, Manchester
Investigating the nature of ‘a learning environment’ with an artist, architect and group of secondary students in the Imperial War Museum North, Old Trafford.

Coopers Company and Coburn School, Upminster, Essex
A one-off session with a group of A’ level arts students with the aim of establishing a collaborative research space for developing their individual art projects.

Kings College London
A group of artists, researchers. lecturers and medics took part in a series of weekly inquiries, held inside KCL’s wonderful museum of pathology, the Gordon Museum. The group used exhibits (including wax figures made by artists) from the museum collection to stimulate inquiries exploring the links between the worlds of medicine, art and philosophy.

‘Sanctuary’ at Glasgow Museum for Modern Art, Glasgow
GOMA commissioned children’s philosophical tours around Amnesty International’s major exhibition on national borders, featuring work from high profile artists such as Anthony Gormley & Ross Sinclair.

Vault, The Arches Glasgow
A multi-media exhibition and club night hosted by the renowned Arches Theatre and Club venue