Involving groups in decision processes can be difficult to facilitate, so often decisions are made top down or by the most vocal team members. However, if facilitated properly, engaging a group at the inception stage or at the consultation stage of a project can tap into rich seams of new resources – accessing all voices including quiet and tentative – reinvigorating teams – developing new ideas and innovative ways of working.

By placing the ideas centre stage, familiar and at times obstructive social dynamics are diffused and participants are given free reign to engage with each others thinking.

A one-off session or a series of group sessions will establish a new direction within your workforce, fresh perspectives paving the way for fresh approaches. This is a
unique space to reflect on your organisational values and integrity.

Access the creative potential of your staff in a space which places ideas centre stage and positions the thinkers in a safe but challenging setting.

Tap into rich seams of new resources – accessing all voices including those quiet and tentative ones – reinvigorating teams, developing new ideas and creative ways of working.

Plain language enables all levels of your staff to reflect in the same space, sharing ideas and developing them together’.

A trained facilitator ensures that ideas are clarified and understood, whilst maintaining room for different perspectives and the creation of new ideas.

A series of sessions helps to build a sense of respect and community within and across organisational structures.

Continuing Professional Development
An effective facilitated enquiry process can create a dynamic learning space for staff across different teams, or sole practitioners within one or various professional discipline.

The Virtual College (VC), Birmingham
Professional development training for staff working with teenagers who have fallen out of mainstream education structures. The brief was to look at ways of encouraging the young people to work in groups and to foster an enquiring attitude to their lives and learning. In addressing this aim we selected a key them for inquiry which led to insights of the difficulties the young people might be encountering.

Greater Easterhouse Alcohol Awareness Project
2 day staff development in-house training on communication and team-work.

Interdisciplinary Dialogues