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These public dialogues are a space for considering and ruminating on ideas key to our lives such as love, time, value, identity, belief. Sharing each others ideas and perhaps even changing our minds, we can learn how to collaborate, and with time, enhance our sense of community.

Participants are not required or expected to know anything about philosophy and no reading or preparation is necessary. Just an open mind and the willingness to follow some simple rules that fuel the dynamic of the practice.

Series I – The Hub, Islington
In the buzz of the Hub’s Angel ‘depot’ this set of dialogues ran for 5 weeks with participants from different professional backgrounds

Series II – 2mDesign, Hackney

A set of 5 dialogues, this time set amidst Maurice’s retro chairs and sofas, on a range of pre-selected themes – Money, Time, Love, Beauty, Creativity.

Series III
Based on the success of Series I and II, I am planning the next set of dialogues. Please check again for dates and venue.