Research 2011 – MRS conference, London
A moderated workshop to provide a break from the speaker / audience dynamic at this annual conference for the Market Research industry. Engaging 35 delegates in a peer dialogue on the proposition that ‘Survey research will be dead by 2020’. The session has been nominated for the ‘best-workshop’ award.

The Virtual College, Birmingham
Professional development training for tutors working with teenagers who have fallen out of mainstream education structures. The brief was to look at ways of encouraging the young people to work in groups and to foster an enquiring attitude to their lives and learning.

New York University, Madrid
MA in Spanish and Latin American Languages and Literatures, an interdisciplinary program in Hispanic studies for mainly North and Latin American students, 2 years running.

The 2008 session incorporated all 25 students from the MA Graduate programme in an inquiry exploring the theme of ‘Community’.

2007 saw an inquiry session amidst the artworks on the top floor of La Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, for a group of new MA students. The aim was to engage the students with an exciting resource in the city whilst establishing a spirit of inquiry for the year ahead.

King’s College London
The annual reflection session of final year veterinary and science students, exploring the implications of a current proposition to give ‘human rights’ to primates.

King’s College London
A series of philosophical inquiries on the links between art/medicine and philosophy with a group of artists, medics and cross-disciplinary science staff and students at Kings College London.

Coopers Company and Coburn School, Upminster, Essex
A specialist Sports and Humanities College.
A one-off session with a group of A level arts students with the aim of establishing a collaborative research space for their individual art projects.

Creative Partnerships, Manchester
Investigating the nature of ‘a learning environment’ with an artist, architect and group of secondary students in the Imperial War Museum North, Old Trafford.

Mulberry High School for Girls, Whitechapel
A 3 day residency exploring the different aspects of the concept of ‘peace’ with a group of 6 formers in Whitechapel’s Mulberry High School for Girls.

Greater Easterhouse Alcohol Awareness Project
2 day staff development training on communication and team work.

101 Dimensions, Stirling
Organisation wide staff development consultation process.

Glasgow Museum of Modern Art
Delivered children’s tours of Amnesty International’s major ‘Sanctuary’ exhibition at Glasgow’s GOMA